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African and Caribbean Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Respecting Ethnic Features While Making Desired Improvements in Aesthetics

A notable percentage of the patients seeking rhinoplasty with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein are of "ethnic" groups, including "Hispanic", "Asian", "Middle Eastern", and African American and Caribbean. A common concern of this latter group is that they wish to preserve their heritage, yet seek to correct an imperfection or enhance their appearance. With over 22 years' experience in performing rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty in two of the most ethnically diverse cities in the US- Miami and NYC- Dr. Epstein has become one of the most commonly chosen surgeons for these patients.

The most common feature of the African and Caribbean nose is the undefined tip with rounded nostrils. The underlying anatomy of this feature is weak broad tip cartilages. The key step in most of these procedures is in establishing strong tip support- from which the tip can then assume good projection, creating definition and allowing for its refinement. Once tip support and shape has been achieved, the rest of the work on the nose can be undertaken, which may include narrowing the nostrils and/or bridge, smoothing out and/or building up the profile, and whatever else is desired and indicated.

Achieving this proper tip support can be done through several means, most which involve the addition of strong cartilage to the columella (the bottom of the nose that divides the two nostrils). One technique is to place a columellar "strut", a piece of cartilage (usually from the septum). The other technique, one that is a bit more complex but is usually what Dr. Epstein prefers, is what is called the "tongue-in-groove" placed onto a "septal caudal extension graft"- the most reliable and strongest approach.

You are encouraged to do your research and find a rhinoplasty surgeon skilled in ethnic rhinoplasty. Here on this website's photo gallery, you can see a large sampling of actual before and after photos.

Before and after challenging primary rhinoplasty
Performed through an external approach. Reinforcing tip support allowed for more defined and narrow projection of the tip, coupled with building up the dorsum (profile), in this case achieved with GoreTex implant.
Before and after rhinoplasty. Dr. Epstein performs nose surgery on Black and other ethnic patients seeking rhinoplasty or revision nose surgery with his central locations in New York and Miami.
Before and after rhinoplasty on this woman of Caribbean ethnicity, desiring a "non-ethnic" refined nose, as much as can be obtained yet still look natural. Dr. Epstein utilized an external approach, using cartilage from the septum to strengthen the tip (columellar strut), as well as GoreTex® and cartilage grafts to build up the profile and tip, achieving a much more defined, refined appearance. In addition, nasal bones were repositioned (osteotomies), and narrowing of the nostrils (alar base reduction) also performed. Note the excellent healing of the incisions along the bottom of the nose.
Before and after rhinoplasty, in which tip support and projection was achieved through the placement of a columellar strut using septal cartilage. Goretex was used to build up the profile, leaving a natural feeling and appearing nose.
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